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Before shipping your order, we provide photos to ensure that the leather you purchase is exactly what your looking for! But just incase it's not, we provide hassle free returns!

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You collect points with each piece of leather you purchase.

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We have the best prices on Leathers in Canada, but just in case you find something for less, we will match it. Just message us!

Who Is Wilfred's Leather Company?

Our Moto is "Embrace the Craft, Inspire your Journey"

"Embrace the Craft" marks enthusiasm and dedication towards working with leather. It encourages individuals to fully immerse themselves in the art of leather crafting, appreciating the intricacies and possibilities it offers.

"Inspire Your Journey" The transformative power of the craft on an individual's personal journey. Engaging in a craft is not merely about creating objects; it is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and inspiration. It encourages individuals to find their unique voice, ignite their creativity, and continually seek inspiration in the process. The craft becomes a catalyst for personal development, leading to new perspectives, ideas, and artistic evolution.

Your Project

Here at Wilfreds Leather Co, we are crafters first and use our hides personally everyday, testing and manipulating the leathers to better understand its characteristic so we can provide you the best support!